Monday, July 7, 2014

A day at the Zoo

I know...we have lots of pics and blog posts about the zoo.  We are blessed to have a membership and just love going as often as we can.  We had a great time with our friends and this was Hannah's first time joining us this that was fun too.  It's neat how every time we go we have a little bit of a different adventure.  

Being little rock climbers 

Aren't they so sweet?  
lovin' the jelly fish!  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Swimming with Papa and Grandma

We made a trip to visit Grandma and Papa at the beginning of June.  Although we missed all the family being was fun to have a laid back weekend with them and enjoy having them all to ourselves ;).  They took us swimming at a new spot and boy did the kids have fun.  Grandma and Papa got Hannah her first scuba set and she spent just about the whole time swimming under water.  It's neat to see how far she has come since last summer.  Last summer, she didn't really care for going under water and now it's all she wants to do!  

 love how little brother follows his sister around.  

AWANA awards night

The kids had another great year of AWANA.  Isaac was a Cubbie this year and loved it. 

 Hannah moved up to Sparkies and also loved it.  She did great with her verses.  She finished her book, did the book review, and started a review pack that she is about 1/2 way through.  

 It's neat to see both of our kids hiding God's Word in their hearts.  
They were blessed to have great AWANA leaders.  

Jeremy's Graduation

Congrats, Jeremy!
Class of 2014

Jeremy: Senior Year

It's hard to believe that my baby brother is all grown up.  I can't believe he's a high school grad!  I had fun taking a few outdoor pics for him. Isn't he just so handsome?!  Love you, Jay!